A professor once told me the way humans make and use tools is perhaps what sets our species apart. He even suggested that it was probably tools that  influenced our evolution. I know having tools for self care influenced my evolution, even though for many years I walked around with an empty tool box.


Some tools can be very simple in theory, yet very difficult to use in practice. These days I like to walk around with my tool box  open, it’s a reminder of what I have collected over the years. Below are some of my favorite tools –

. Be myself

. The ability to say NO without needing or feeling pressured to give an explanation

. Giving myself permission to live

. Allowing myself to feel and express

. Embrace rejection without it paralyzing me

. Allow myself to be illogical in my decision making

. Embrace my mistakes, without punishing myself for them

. I am allowed to change my mind, opinion, thought or reasoning without being disloyal to myself or others

. “I don’t know” can be an answer

. “I don’t agree” is acceptable

. Respecting an opinion, doesn’t make it your own

. Understanding that my needs are as important as the needs of others

. There is a difference between selfish, selflessness and self care

. If I say NO, and someone continues to ask me why, I consider them to be controlling

. My main real estate is my body, and it’s up to me to determine how i tend to it and define it

. Asking to be treated as an equal is not an agenda, it’s my right

. If you don’t think words stick, avoid using post-its


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