“The only good thing about having naturally curly hair is nothing.”

Curly hair, either you want it, or you don’t. Over the years, I have tried to make peace with my curls. On a bad day my hair looked like the back of sheep’s bottom and on a good day I felt like a freshly groomed poodle.


To be honest, I never really knew how to contain my curls. No one ever pulled me aside and said, “Hey, this is how you manage curly hair.” Instead, it was never-ending years of curl containment; handfuls of hair mousse, greasy hair creams, and a famous spray from the 80’s called “Stiff Stuff.”


During the mid 90’s my relationship with my curly hair was revolutionized. I bought my first hair straightener! Who knew you could cook your hair straight?

hai-convertable-1-25-titanium-styling-iron-350x350 (1)

It’s been 20 years since I last went curly. My hair has been damaged from the chemical treatments and endless hours of flat ironing.

Is it possible that I have permanently altered my curly hair?

Would the curls return or would I be left with nothing more than a frizzy birds nest?

I was about to find out!

Snapshot 4 (12-31-2014 12-34 AM) (2)

On this night, the perfect stranger offered to take me back to my roots, back to being curly. In return, regardless of the outcome, I would go out for dinner with my new hairdo!


As we headed out to dinner, I felt rather self-conscious, yet I really didn’t care! I was having dinner with the perfect stranger. It’s hard to believe that only four days ago I found myself unable to maintain eye contact with her.

Snapshot 1 (12-27-2014 12-43 PM) (2)

We were now mirroring each other’s body language!

Snapshot 3 (12-27-2014 12-44 PM) (2)

With only a few days left on our trip I started to feel a sense of sadness. I was going to miss her; her company, her humor, and the way she made me feel…special!


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