FINDING TUKTOYAKTUK – Mission Accomplished


On October 16th, 2018, we completed our four and half month journey from Skagway, Alaska to the Canadian Arctic town of Tuktoyaktuk. Honoring the Tlingit’s trading path, we hiked the Chilkoot trail and crossed the border into British Columbia, Canada.


Following the Klondike Gold Rush route, we then pack-rafted 900km along the Yukon River to the heart of the former gold rush town, Dawson City.


Using a push cart to carry 45kg of supplies, we became the first women to walk the Dempster and the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway to the Arctic Ocean.  Click here to read more.


I’ve officially been home for one week now. The reality of our accomplishment has yet to sink in. Reintegrating back into society after an extended period of time in the wilderness can be a mental challenge and social adjustment. The sounds of civilization seem amplified and I’m living in a currency that few people understand.


How does one describe or attempt to explain the spirit of the Yukon and The North West Territories?  Is it a feeling, an action, or a way of life? Does the geographical remoteness of the North create a deep sense of community, caring, and connection?


Since returning, I have wondered how I can adequately thank everyone who helped, hugged, and supported us throughout this journey. The encouragement, kindness, curiosity, and campsite visits from complete strangers carried us through the chilliest of nights and never-ending hill climbs.

In the coming weeks and months, I will start to blog about the expedition and my experiences in the North.

Create Your Adventure,

Remote Leigh

6 thoughts on “FINDING TUKTOYAKTUK – Mission Accomplished

  1. Hello, We have seen you on the Dempster . Léon and Anne-Claire send us your website. I just want you to know how we were impress by your chalenge. It was easy for us in the confort of a car, but we know, as alpine hickers, how hard it can be. I have a lot of questions about how you pass the five fingers rapid. May be I have not read every things you Wrote. Welcome back to the ordinary life, with its lack of adrenaline shot. May the spirit of this adventure enlight your lives. Alain, Dominique and Melinda.

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    • Hi Alain! Thankyou for the sweet message. I have yet to write about the journey, hoping to get some blogs out very soon. Five finger rapids was easy, very manageable in a packraft. Keep in touch, Remote Leigh


  2. Love this, and love your accomplishment! You are tough cookies!f I look forward to reading more about your trip–more in-depth. I understand how it feels overwhelming right now. The trip, the reintegration, and even thinking of writing about it!


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