“It’s all about the places you’ve never heard of but wished you had seen, and the people you’ve never met, yet wished you had.” Remote Leigh


Originally from Australia, I left my homeland at the age of 17. After spending four years in Japan, I came to America on a two-week vacation to meet my biological mother.

Twenty-two years later, I now consider America my home. During this time I have walked, driven,  paddled, climbed, hiked, ran, and skated off the beaten path, to explore places many have never heard of and seldom seen.


I feel mother nature is the ultimate equalizer. Mother nature does not discriminate. Race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, and religion, are minor details when facing a monsoonal storm at 12,000 feet. Combining my love of the outdoors, sociology, psychology, social media, and  photography has led to http://www.remoteleigh.com

I’m not an extreme athlete nor a hardcore adventurer. Consider me more of a curious George with a backpack and a camera.

In 2014, I promised myself I would LIVE more and require less. A seasonal gig in a remote location has afforded me the opportunity to do just that. Here is my story!

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